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bn-N এ ব্যবহারকারীর বাংলা ভাষার উপরে মাতৃভাষার মতন ধারণা রয়েছে।
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
File-Translatewiki-logo-bare.png This user participated in a Translation Rally once.
MediaWiki-smaller-logo.png This user helps translating MediaWiki.
Collaboration logo V2.svg This user helps translating Intuition.
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WiktionaryMobile-icon.png This user helped translating WiktionaryMobile.
Wikipedia-mobile-logo.png This user helped translating Wikimedia mobile.
Wiki Loves Monuments Logo notext.svg This user helped translating the Wiki Loves Monuments Mobile app.
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i am Aftab from Bangladesh. most of the time i work in the Bengali Wikipedia and wikidata.

in all the wiki projects i use the username Aftabuzzaman.