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Hi, my name is Diego Grez, I'm from Santa Cruz, Chile. I was born October 4, 1994 (age 15). I currently study in Liceo Santa Cruz, and hopefully, I will study on the university Economy. I like Modern Talking and Rick Astley music. I like to rickroll :)

I'm here in Wikipedia since June 4, 2007, when I edited Carlos Ruiz-Tagle, my very first article. I was formerly the owner of a wiki called Enciclopedia DG, but I turned it down. I'm a professional writer in Wiki code. I can talk with you in Spanish, English and a little bit of Esperanto, Portuguese and French.

I can be found recurrently in the IRC channels #wikipedia-en, #wikipedia-es and ##windows with the nick MisterWiki.

I donated 1.00 USD to Wikipedia in December 2009 :)

I use Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari.

Please use the tools I uploaded. Try CommonsHelper!

I'm member of the Welcoming and Birthday Committee.