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Babel user information
ja-N この利用者は日本語母語としています。
zh-4 这位用户的中文达到接近母语水平
yue-4 呢位用戶有接近母語程度廣東話知識。
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
cmn-3 This user has advanced knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.
lzh-2 此君有志文言也。
Users by language

Hello all of you  :)

You may call me as "Yuuji" besides my user name "MM21". I'm a Japanese user from Hong Kong any mainly contribute on zh.wikipeida and also ja.wikipedia and mainly doing translation work for arcticles.I'm currently working in Wikimeida Hong Kong.

Feel free to contact me via plurk or twitter ( and you may send me a e-mail or add me as your msn contacts by typing