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د پيشوګانو سره نيپالي ماشومان

MediaWiki runs the world's largest and best known wikis. As a result of Wikipedia's popularity and usefulness and the community's passion, I can't think of another piece of software that has gotten better i18n support. Projects like and the Narayam extension have sprung up to improve the i18n support. This makes it Free Software's best argument: give people ownership of the software and they will make sure that it runs better. We all have better software as a result.

د دې ملاتړ ترڅنگ، مېډياويکي او ويکيپېډيا په ډېرو اهمو برخو کې کمی لري. د هغو يوه برخه دا ده چې په ښي-کيڼ لور (ښ.ک.ل) ژبو کې څرگند دی. موږ هڅه کوو چې دا ډول ستونزې حل کړو، خو دا چې زموږ نژدې ټول پرمخبېونکي کيڼ-ښي لور ژبې کاروي نو په همدې سبب موږ د تېروتنو او ستونزو پېژندنه ژر نه شو کولای. دا ډول ستونزو سره موږ هره ورځ نه مخامخ کېږو او د ښي-کيڼ لور د ژبو د ويکي کارنان لکه العربية (عربي)، پښتو (پښتو)،فارسی (پارسي)، او עברית (عبراني) وړ او کارنده ملاتړ نه لري.

Each of those languages has a wiki with over 100,000 articles in it. I can't help but think that some of the people who contributed to these larger wikis would also have the skills necessary to fix some of the RTL bugs that have probably annoyed them.

I think that perhaps RTL developers and LTR developers don't communicate enough. So, if you're an RTL developer, let me tell you clearly: We want you! You have something that our current MediaWiki developers don't have — something that we desperately need. Find a bug, submit a patch, and your code can be running on Wikipedia!

Some bugs to get you started:

Finally, there is a major feature lacking in MediaWiki that is summarized in Bug 6100: Allow different directionality (rtl/ltr) for user interface and wiki content. I hope to find the resources to get this particular issue addressed soon.