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Welcome. I am '''Allan J. Aguilar''', an editor from Costa Rica. In real life, I am a journalist. My main interests are cryptography and Theology. I contribute to translatewiki.net by translating to Spanish and reviewing. Please take a look at ''[[m:User:Ralgis/Cypherpunk|Cypherpunk]]'' if you wish to have encrypted communication with me.
== Wikimedia projects ==
* [//tools.wmflabs.org/xtools/ec/?user=ralgis&project=commons.wikimedia.org All about me]
== Social network ==
* [https://twitter.com/userralgis Twitter]
== Blogs ==
* ''[//editandowikimedia.wordpress.com/ Editando Wikimedia]'' (about Wikimedia, in Spanish)
* ''[[m:wmfblog:2014/03/07/costa-rican-wikimedians-meet-first-time/|Costa Rican Wikimedians meet for the first time]]'' (March 7, 2014)

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Bienvenido/a. Soy Allan Aguilar, de Costa Rica. Contribuyo a translatewiki con traducciones al español.

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