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That gentleman to the left, that is me

My name is Allan Javier Aguilar Castillo. I am a Costa Rican editor of since October 2012. In the real world, I am a cypherpunk, and publish a newspaper named Politikḗ.

Contact info

If you wish to contact me, even encrypted, here is how:

Address: ralgis at
PGP/GPG key: 4096R/F5697E24
PGP/GPG fingerprint: 219E 34D9 2B8B 71B6 5B46 258A 27AC 5F74 F569 7E24
Username: siglar
SSL fingerprint: 7ca139df9854df8d4ab35a35e39e0403f43c905a
Jabber/XMPP and Google Talk
Address: siglar at
OTR fingerprint: 7DE09C02 8FF24CA1 CD1523F7 1CB197FE 7EAEF27C