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MediaWiki extension developer and translatewiki.net [[Special:UserList/staff|staff]].
; To do
:* {{done}} Make Babel extension use the cdb format instead of excessive caching via the Memcached interface.
:* Document all OpenLayers messages well.
:* {{done}} Disable Mibbit and enable freenodeChat (after some additional testing, specifically the permissions).
:** {{done}} Possibly make a widget-agnostic version of these extensions.
:* Convert remaining groups to new FFS configuration format.
:* Create documentation that demonstrates our unique features and markets translatewiki.net well.
:* Investigate getting the OpenStreetMap website and Potlatch tool to use translatewiki.net.
:** Implement support for the OpenStreetMap website and Potlatch tool.
; See also
: [[mw:User:RobertL|User page on MediaWiki.org]] (Bureaucrat)
; Links
: [[Special:PrefixIndex/{{FULLPAGENAME}}/|Subpages]]

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