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My Profile:

Name : Samar MIchael Soren

Country: Bangladesh.

Language: Santali,English,Bangla.

Employers: Adivasi Online Community of Bangladesh(AOCBD,

President and Chief Admin.,

Head of Alines

Heritage Archives:Archives of Bangladesh History

IT administrator

School: Saint Philip's High School,Dinajpur

College: Notre Dame College,Dhaka

University: Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

University of Information Technology and Science(UITS).

My Work:

Santali Typing Software(unicode):HO̠Ṛ Katha Santali Typing Software

First Indigenous Bangla blog আদিবাসী বাংলা ব্লগ

My New Journey: Santali Wikipedia

Wikipedia Translation in Santali Language.

Iñaḱ Ạs: De̠bon taṛam idia nãow̃a horte̠.