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== Localisation Works ==
== Localisation Works ==
:추가 정보(Further Information): [[User:Klutzy]]
:추가 정보(Further Information): [[User:Klutzy]], [[Localisation statistics|번역 진행도]]
:현재 번역된 인터페이스(Currently Translated Interface): <span class="plainlinks">[{{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAMEE}}|uselang=ko}} 보기]</span>
*Used(사용): O
*Used(사용): O
*Not Used(사용 안함): X
*Not Used(사용 안함): X

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Localisation Works

추가 정보(Further Information): User:Klutzy, 번역 진행도
현재 번역된 인터페이스(Currently Translated Interface): 보기
  • Used(사용): O
  • Not Used(사용 안함): X
  • Unknown(모르겠음): ?
    • history (역사 O, 문서역사 X)
    • source (소스 ?, 내용 ?)
    • comment (의견 ?)
    • patrol (마땅한 번역문 없음(No suitable translation avaliable))