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이 문서는 아라의 토론 문서입니다. 혹시 미디어위키 자체 메시지와 확장 기능 메시지 등의 번역에 의문이 있다면 사용자 토론을 통해 알려주세요.


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미디어위키 번역에 대하여201:03, 25 December 2012
'PLURAL' problem010:26, 13 September 2012
User page113:25, 2 July 2012
Thanks for your page translations013:09, 2 July 2012
Thank you for your translation of Waymarked Trails to Korean!015:29, 1 July 2012
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미디어위키 번역에 대하여

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안녕하세요 아라님!

영문 레퍼런스에 비해 한글문서가 지나치게 부족하고 갱신되지 않아서 저도 비슷한 이유로 현재 미디어위키에서 번역에 참여하고 있어요, 여쭤볼것이 있는데, 미디어위키의 페이지 자료들도 을 통해야 하는지요?

미디어위키 자체에 대한 번역인지, 아니면 의 페이지 번역을 할 수 있는건지 조금 혼동스러워서, 질문드려요

Jeho.Sung (talk)08:55, 10 December 2012

아닙니다. 미디어위키 자체 메시지(소프트웨어 메시지)와 확장 기능만 이곳에서 번역합니다. 의 문서를 번역할 때는 미디어위키 계정(또는 위키미디어 통합 계정)으로 해당 사이트에서 직접 번역하면 됩니다. 아마도 이 사이트의 목적을 모르고 가입하신 모양입니다만 추후 미디어위키 자체 메시지가 영어로 나오는 것을 확인하면 해당 메시지를 이곳에서 번역하면 됩니다.

아라다 알아 (talk)17:18, 10 December 2012

답변 감사드립니다! 에서 모자란 페이지를 번역하고 있었는데, 중앙에서 관리되는 번역 절차를 무시하고 임의로 번역중인가 걱정이 되어 찾아봤더니 여기까지 오게 되었네요... 그래서 다소 헷갈렸던 점이 있었습니다. 답변에 감사드립니다 :-)

Jeho.Sung (talk)17:29, 10 December 2012

'PLURAL' problem

Hi, I was looking at Special:SupportedLanguages#Ko and found that you are the most (and almost only) active translator into Korean. Would you be able to check whether your language is affected by the problem I described at Thread:Support/PLURAL_keyword_for_languages_without_grammatical_plural_forms? I believe the problem affects all languages named as 'no plurals' including ja, ko, zh, etc. A simple way to check: visit a random category on the Korean Wikipedia and see if a page count is shown.

whym10:26, 13 September 2012

Hello, what are you doing with your user page? If you're trying to contribte translations, this is not the way to do it: you have to use Special:Translate, see the tutorial at mw:Help:Extension:Translate/Translation_example. Help is available at Support and elsewhere. Cheers,

Nemo (talk)07:11, 26 May 2012

Whoa, I see that since then you've translated an amazing amount of messages, congratulations! Please tell me if I can help you in any way. I see that you're also proofreading translations, did you find the documentation at mw:Help:Extension:Translate/Quality assurance helpful? Any suggestion to improve it is very welcome. Thanks,

Nemo (talk)13:25, 2 July 2012

Thanks for your page translations

Hello, thank you for your translation of Translating:MediaWiki/ko! For the best result of your translation work, I suggest you to translate pages throgh the Translate extension which you also use for messages: it's easier and those pages have a higher priority. Thanks,

Nemo (talk)13:09, 2 July 2012

Thank you for your translation of Waymarked Trails to Korean!

Thank you very much for your translation of Waymarked Trails to Korean! Your translation was deployed today, and you can see it in action on

We only had to do one small adjustment, because you had altered a python variable code. I see there aren't many hiking routes in Korea, perhaps about time to do something about that ;)

Guttorm Flatabø (talk)15:29, 1 July 2012
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