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Nochmal Fragen ...

So, meine Übersetzung ist raus - habe noch ein paar Minuten ... also dachte ich 'mal ich schaue hier rein. Wo genau finde ich, was übersetzt werden muss und wo übersetze ich das dann. Nehme ich da den Link zu Markup her und übersetze die fehlenden Sachen und speichere die dann irgendwo? Hmmm ... das hier ist schon irgendwie verwirrend ... oder ich habe im Moment einfach keinen Durchblick. Danke! --SabineCretella 8. toukokuuta 2006 kello 07.03 (UTC)

Language variants fro Belarusian

How hard is to add language variants?

As for now we have classic spelling translation in LanguageBe.php, MessagesBe.php. But we need to add official and classic spellings. There is also Latin script for classic spelling, but conversion from/to cyrillic is not trivial, so it'll be good idea to postpone this question.

Official and classic spelling is slightly different, but differences are affecting namespaces/magic words/system messages and there is no way for easy automatic translation. As far as I understand, system messages are not a big problem (we just need to prepare other version of Messages.php). But namespaces/magic words are.

Could you please help us with implementing both spellings support, if you'll have time? I could prepare two versions of LanguageBe.php from my side.

EugeneZelenko 15:04, 12 May 2006 (UTC)


Hi, I am Emily from the romanian Wikipedia, I have no idea how to log in here. Everything is written in this funny language and I have no idea what I have to do. Can you help me to log in?-- 16. toukokuuta 2006 kello 19.39 (EEST)

I've got it! Now I know how to log in!--Emily 16. toukokuuta 2006 kello 20.03 (EEST)
Hi again! I hope I am doing the right thing here. I've just tried to translate some pages. What do you think? --Emily 18. toukokuuta 2006 kello 21.35 (EEST)

Bine că n-am stricat ceva pe aici

Salutare din nou! Din pacate nu mai am timp azi ca sa mai traduc, dar voi mai reveni zilele urmatoare si voi incerca sa te mai ajut la treaba. Cred ca AdiJapan de la Wikipedia s-ar pricepe mai bine la treaba de aici, pentru ca azi a lucrat la paginile MediaWiki de pe Wikipedia si a facut cateva traduceri. Vazand ce a facut el mi-am dat seama cam ce trebuie facut aici, dar nu mi-am dat seama daca e bine sau nu. O zi buna iti doresc, --Emily 18. toukokuuta 2006 kello 22.07 (EEST)

I do not understand

I am sorry, but I do not understand what you mean by [1]. Would you care to explain? // habj 19. toukokuuta 2006 kello 18.54 (EEST)


În textul de mai jos s-a strecurat o greşeală şi anume: să scrii trebuie scris cu doi i. Poţi să o corectezi, pentru că eu nu ştiu care e pagina. Mulţumesc!

Ai ajuns la o pagină care nu există. Pentru a o crea, începe să scri în caseta de mai jos (vezi pagina de ajutor pentru mai multe informaţii). Dacă ai ajuns aici din greşeală, întoarce-te folosind controalele browser-ului tău --Emily 20. toukokuuta 2006 kello 15.55 (EEST)

Am incercat sa fac cate ceva, nu stiu daca e bine, sper sa fie bine, iar la category:MediaWiki/plural nu stiu ce trebuie sa fac. Nici nu stiu daca e ok ce am tradus pana acum.--Emily 20. toukokuuta 2006 kello 17.09 (EEST)

Un mic îndrumător:

a scrie- eu să scriu, tu să scrii, el să scrie
a fi-eu să fiu, tu să fii, el să fie
a şti-eu să ştiu, tu să ştii, el să ştie
a găsi-eu să găsesc, tu să găseşti, el să găsească --Emily 20. toukokuuta 2006 kello 17.55 (EEST)


Azi am mai facut ceva treaba pe aici şi am rezolvat, sper, toate problemele de internaţionalizare care erau pe lista următoare: [2]. Dacă mai este ceva important de făcut, lasă-mi mesaj, dacă nu voi continua de unde am ramas şi voi edita restul de pagini. Salutari, --Emily 22. toukokuuta 2006 kello 18.20 (EEST)


I've seen you added an image to Betawiki:LanguageSl.php and MessagesSl.php. I'm sure you've noticed it's wrong. --Eleassar 23. toukokuuta 2006 kello 00.03 (EEST)


What is the category that you have put my talk page in? I have never before been put in a category on a wiki project, unless I did it myself. The category page itself Luokka:MediaWiki-i18n contains no useful information whatsover, only things that tells you nothing at a glance. // habj 25. toukokuuta 2006 kello 22.45 (EEST)

Suggestion: If you write that on the category page, more people have a chance to understand what it is all about. // habj 25. toukokuuta 2006 kello 23.51 (EEST)

You are still not my boss, and you can still not tell me to do things and expect them to be done. I did not ask to have that category created, and I did certainly not ask to have it put on my talk page without anyone asking me. If you want it done - "sofixit". I do not care. AFAIKS, the Swedish version is almost finished and after that I see no reason to spend much time at betawiki. // habj 26. toukokuuta 2006 kello 00.08 (EEST)

project:LanguageTr.php and MessagesTr.php

Hi G, i make a comment in project:LanguageTr.php and MessagesTr.php and ask you a question, can you take a look:) --Uğur Başak 26. toukokuuta 2006 kello 12.02 (EEST)

localisation statistics

Should we "mass import" w:lv:special:Allmessages? 28. toukokuuta 2006 kello 20.45 (EEST)
Yes, a mass import from there would be OK. --Knakts 28. toukokuuta 2006 kello 22.34 (EEST)


Salut! Vreau să te întreb doar dacă ştii cumva la ce perioade de timp se actualizează statisticile privind localizarea. Mulţumesc, --Emily | msg. 29. toukokuuta 2006 kello 16.19 (EEST)

Salut! Am observat că s-au reactualizat statisticile şi mă bucur că au mai rămas doar aproximativ 300 de pagini de tradus. Cred că în maximum o săptămână le voi traduce şi voi corecta şi greşelile. Am însă o problemă pe Wikipedia pe care nu o pot rezolva şi anume la pagina [3] nu reuşesc să pun formatul Format:Căutare astfel:{{Căutare|1 Decembrie}}, pentru că vreau să apară linkurile care să funcţioneze. Am facut ceva teste, dar nu mi-au iesit, de aceea te rog când ai puţin timp să arunci o privire. Mulţumesc, --Emily | msg. 1. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 20.03 (EEST)

some patches for multilingual wikis

Hello, look at bugzilla:6283, it hs two patches intended for commons: (and may be useful on other multilingual sites as well). You may want to vote for it or announce it on IRC.

Thanks Srtxg 12. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 18.09 (EEST)


ms. Isn't that why you invited me :? So, if I understand correctly, this wiki is to standardise the translation of MediaWiki interface? ...Aurora... 28. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 03.59 (EEST)

Not at the moment. Maybe later. Just a quick question, the current ms system messages is the same as the one used in wiki, wikt etc? ...Aurora... 28. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 04.33 (EEST)
I've been trying to fix the problems listed at problems.txt, but I don't know how to solve: message sitenotice is translated to empty message or '-'. ...Aurora... 1. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 19.56 (EEST)
Anyway, what is the next step after translating Allmessages? I'm lost. Thanx 4 the help. ...Aurora... 3. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 06.02 (EEST)

Just for your info - lv

Hi, I passed some information on betawiki to this user: . He asked on meta about ui localization. --SabineCretella 30. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 07.48 (EEST)


Could you please point me to an explanation of the trackback functionality? Because I do not know what it does, I'm not able to translate messages concerning this functionality... Siebrand 3. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 16.14 (EEST)

Thanks. I added some info to Trackback. Siebrand 3. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 16.26 (EEST)

Slovenian interface translation

Is not ready yet. Some of the translations are wrong and there are some grammatical mistakes to be corrected. --Eleassar 4. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 19.33 (EEST)

I've finished my revision now. If you wish, you may check it for the last time yet. Thanks very much for your generous help. --Eleassar 4. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 21.18 (EEST)

Hi! How long does it take for the changes to become effective in Wikimedia projects? I've seen the interface has been updated in Commons, but not yet in Slovenian Wiktionary or Slovenian Wikibooks. --Eleassar 5. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 12.19 (EEST)

As far as I can understand, it seems that in the Slovenian Wiktionary the interface has been updated, but twice and the second time it was done incorrectly: Slovenian messages were replaced with their English equivalents. It seems well done for other projects, but I'm not sure. What do you think about this? What should be done now? --Eleassar 19. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 10.43 (EEST)


Why did you add es: into my info? Is true that I am an Spanish speaker, but I am not going to participate on this project because I have enough work in the Catalan one.--SMP 6. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 12.10 (EEST)

Hi, unfortunately I can't log into IRC, it freezes my system whenever I try. If yahoo mssgr alright, my nick is alsandro. - Alsandro 7. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 21.36 (EEST)

Potentially new messages

Hey ;).

Comparing the Dutch and English source files Messages.php and MessagesNl.php I have found some differences in pages that do not appear here on BetaWiki. A while ago you asked for these differences, IIRC. They have all been translated for /nl and I've verified presence in nl.wikipedia. Siebrand 17. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 15.47 (EEST)

Here they are:


Hi Gangleri, I need help with the linktrails at ka. Please give me a keyword for search at bugzilla or a link here, if possible. Also post on my page if there are any urgent transl. jobs to be done for ka. Tnx. - Alsandro · T · w:ka: Th · T 8. elokuuta 2006 kello 23.25 (EEST)

Thanks for quick response. So if I understand you, I need to post the similar bug on Bugzilla quoting this:
'linkprefix'            => '/^(.*?)(„|«)$/sD',
'linktrail'             => '/^([a-zაბგდევზთიკლმნოპჟრსტუფქღყშჩცძწჭხჯჰ“»]+)(.*)$/sDu',

Best - Alsandro · T · w:ka: Th · T 9. elokuuta 2006 kello 01.05 (EEST)

Userrights: translator

Hallo Gangleri, zu was dient die Usergruppe translator? Einfach allen Übersetzern hinzufügen? Danke! --SabineCretella 21. elokuuta 2006 kello 23.38 (EEST)

Sorry I do not know exactly what rights are asscociated with "translator".
G - ג · T · w:en: Th · T 16. lokakuuta 2006 kello 14.18 (EEST)



whould it be possible to had "got" in three variants, got_g (in gotic alphabet), got_l (in latin alphabet) and got_r (in runic alphabet).

You can get preliminary Language_Got.php and LanguageGot_g.php from for the other two LanguageGot_{l,r}.php just copy the gotic one for now, and for MessagesGot_*.php just copy the English one (the idea would be to use the nice translation interface of your wiki to build those MessagesGot_*.php files)

The admin at got: would want to have a an automatic conversion feature, like in zh: and sr:; it wasn't hard to do for the content itself, for the space naming it may be a little more complex (as it would require accepting the names in any of the three writting systems).

Thanks Srtxg 3. helmikuuta 2007 kello 17.22 (EET)

Where did you go!?

nt :) Hope to see you back once... Siebrand 28. elokuuta 2007 kello 09.17 (UTC)

Linktrail for Breton language

Hi! I don't know why the linktrail function for breton language '/^((?:c\'h|C\'H|C\'h|[a-zA-ZàâéêùûüñÀÂÉÊÙÛÜÑ])+)(.*)$/sDu', which was added to the Breton linktrail page, seems not to work. I was told it was the good one. Unfortunately I have lost my contact because of a hard disk crash. Could you tell me what's wrong ? Baleer 22:25, 18 September 2007 (UTC)

IRC channel for recent changes


Do you know if this wiki has an IRC channel for the recent changes? Pasqual (ca) · (T) · T (ca) 10:52, 28 August 2008 (UTC)

No, I do nor know. Please ask at Special:Mibbit. Best regards
·‎לערי ריינהארט·T·m: Th·T·email me·‎ 12:35, 28 August 2008 (UTC)

Thanks, there is a channel on for this purpose :) . I hadn't ask somebody because it is wroten on the entry message of the channel. One can read: “Internationalization for MediaWiki | Mailing list: | & #betawiki-rc | No public logging”. Have a nice day ;) Pasqual (ca) · (T) · T (ca) 18:56, 28 August 2008 (UTC)