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== Welcome! ==
== Welcome! ==

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How to identify the messages that need to be updated in your MessagesXx.php?

int:About long/en

MediaWiki:About long/en


  • Please see category:MediaWiki/plural and translate the corresponding "/sl" messages if this is not done already. Thanks in advance! Gangleri · 26. toukokuuta 2006 kello 20.24 (EEST)
Please see Recentchanges trailer=/sl for the last changes.
You will find the Slovenian grammar definition at special:LanguageViewer/Sl. It can be tested localy at "translatewiki.net" following the examples from localization tests.
Regards G - ג · T · w:en: Th · T 4. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 15.54 (EEST)
Thanks Eleassar for your message! When taking into account the delays for process/tasks you still have some hours to correct grammatical errors. I think we should not postpone commiting to SVN because of available resources; it might postpone for months. Best regards G - ג · T · w:en: Th · T 4. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 19.46 (EEST)