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נעבעך גוט משוגע 6. kesäkuuta 2005 kello 20:14:43 (EEST)

Edit section problems

Should be fixed now, can you confirm? — Nike 5. heinäkuuta 2005 kello 21:52:34 (EEST)

minor modifications


Hallo Gangleri ... ich schaue mir die Sachen gleich 'mal an - tja, hier haben wir also ein finnisches Wiki ... ist seltsam ... ein paar Wörterverstehe ich. Tja - wenn ich es recht verstanden habe, geht es hier um das Update der UIs ... nap werden wir dann wohl auch machen müssen - ebemso pms ... Berto ist dort mein Kontakt - kann er hier seine php dateien einfügen? Wie funktioniert dieses Projekt hier genau? Ich würde dann nämlich die kleineren Wikipedias darum bitten, hier mitzuarbeiten (eine nach der anderen. Ich kann heute leider nicht mehr skypen - muss eine Arbeit fertig machen. Morgen bin ich dann beim Einkaufen ... im Moment geht alles so schell :-) Danke für Sysop + Bureaucrat ... ich hoffe, ich werde das zu würdigen wissen. Tja, schönen Abend noch! Ciao! --SabineCretella 7. toukokuuta 2006 kello 19.24 (UTC)


Thanks for granting me rights....

but im wondering what I have to do here?

i was off for more than 3 months so I dont know whats going at mediawiki

Wisesabre 8. toukokuuta 2006 kello 11.28 (UTC)

Maori-language student reporting for duty

What a quick response!!

I have very little idea why I am here, but I trust you.

It would be good if someone could fix whatever it is that invites me to debug a page error on nearly every page and puts this at the top of several pages:

Notice: Undefined variable: underline in /home/nike/public_html/dev/includes/Skin.php on line 375

Notice: Undefined variable: underline in /home/nike/public_html/dev/includes/Skin.php on line 380

Maybe it's not properly set up for Cologne Blue?

By the way, someone has used "enchanted" (which is what wizards do) where "enhanced" (= made better) is probably meant.

Robin Patterson 8. toukokuuta 2006 kello 20.16 (UTC)


Mersi pentru acordarea drepturilor in aceasta wiki si pentru indicarea treburilor de facut. Astazi m-am uitat la ce trebuie facut, iar pentru a lucra aici voi avea timp liber peste citeva zile. Desiphral 8. toukokuuta 2006 kello 20.55 (UTC)

Dual number

Thanks for the welcome! I left you a message (a request for help) on your English user page. --Eleassar 9. toukokuuta 2006 kello 17.15 (UTC)

Sindhi language

User talk:Gangleri/Sindhi language


Hello Gangleri! Thanks for the greeting and the unexpected suprise of granting user rights. :) As to the question about possibly working on other language files, I'm afraid that mostly I'd be able to contribute to Latvian only. Of the currently listed languages, I have some limited knowledge of Russian, German, French, as well as basic Lithuanian, but not up to a level that I could actually write something correctly in these languages. However, I could still use these projects for comparison, I guess. --Juzeris 10. toukokuuta 2006 kello 20.24 (UTC)


Hello Gangleri! Thanks for granting me rights.... but im wondering what I have to do here?

I'm interested by project:LanguageOc.php and MessagesOc.php. With best regards! Cedric31 10. toukokuuta 2006 kello 20.45 (UTC)

Kiu estas mia pasvorto

Bonvolu sciigi al mi retpoŝte per kiu pasvorto mi povas ensaluti mem Antaŭdankas Arno

still in problem :/


Im still confused.

the article Localization_guidelines says that

you need to decide if the message in the MessagesIt.php file should be changed or not

but it doesnt tells me any thing that on basis of what I should take decision?

and last time I checked to translate [1] we needed someone with system rights.

So is it now possible that I could translate it?

Thanks any way for being so helpful and kind .

Wisesabre 16. toukokuuta 2006 kello 02.57 (EEST)

one more thing I wanted to add. at urdu wikipedia we have done alot of localization, is there any easy way to copy those edits to other wiki's i.e ur.wiktionary Wisesabre 16. toukokuuta 2006 kello 02.59 (EEST)


I can't open the messages in: special:Allmessages|uselang=oc Can you help me? Cedric31 25. toukokuuta 2006 kello 04.10 (EEST)


Gangleri, could you please set sysop status to Meursault2004. He will be working with me at jv translation. Thanks Borgx 1. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 12.08 (EEST)

User rights didn't go through?

Hi Gangleri, thanks for setting up the user rights- but I don't think they went through. I say this because as I try to edit pages, they're all protected and I don't find my name on either the sysop or the burocrat lists. Did they not go through or am I missing something? Thanks in advance. -E. abu Filumena 2. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 09.06 (EEST)

translations (slovenian)

  • Please see category:MediaWiki/plural and translate the corresponding "/sl" messages if this is not done already. Thanks in advance! Gangleri · 26. toukokuuta 2006 kello 20.24 (EEST)

I don't see any of /sl messages in this category, only three /en messages. Could you explain exactly which messages do you mean? Please reply on my talk page.

By the way, plural forms at Betawiki:LanguageSl.php_and_MessagesSl.php are the correct ones now. Thanks very much. I posted a bug report on Bugzilla 5981. --Eleassar 7. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 02.07 (EEST)

Thai Wikipedia

Hello Gangleri, thank you for the welcome message. I saw you leave a message in Thai Wikipedia about the SITENAME that I might be able to answer your question. In Thai Wikipedia actually we plan to use Thai word (วิกิพีเดีย) instead of using "Wikipedia" for the SITENAME and project pages by changing the namespace. But I think that it's still in the changing process now; hope that it's not been already forgotten :) --Manop 8. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 05.46 (EEST)


Mulţumesc pentru bun venit. Adevărul e că mă zăpăceşte interfaţa asta într-o limbă total necunoscută şi în afară de faptul că se doreşte traducerea interfeţei în limba română nu înţeleg scopul acestui proiect. -Laurap 9. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 13.14 (EEST)

Salut! Şi eu tto asta voiam să-ţi spun (la mulţumesc! mă refer). --KlaudiuMihăilă Mesaj 9. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 13.39 (EEST)
Eu am altă nelămurire: ce reprezintă acele numere între [] de la schimbări recente? Probabil sunt din cauza calităţii de birocrat, dar aş vrea să ştiu ce înseamnă... --KlaudiuMihăilă Mesaj 9. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 13.43 (EEST)


Din pacate nu pot instala IRC-ul pe calculatorul de pe care contribui. Daca ai skype, ma poti gasi la adresa putomanoloescobar, dar din pacate azi nu mai am timp sa stau pentru ca trebuie sa lucrez de la ora 16. Salutari, --Emily | msg. 10. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 16.05 (EEST)


Nu ştiu dacă o să trec pe la #wikipedia-BiDi, ce poate oferi mai mult decît mail-ul? Voiam însă să-ţi mulţumesc şi eu pentru ce faci pentru partea românească a proiectului. -Laurap\mesaj 10. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 21.18 (EEST)


Mi havas multajn taskojn, sed mi promesas ke mi komencos tuj. Pasqual (ca) · T · T (ca) 16. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 11.07 (EEST)

Ripuarian / Kölsch

Hi, you invited me to take a look. I seem only partially to understand how this wiki works. I registered myself as a contact for ISO-639-3/ksh. As a sysop of the Ripuarian Wikipedia I've translated much of Allmessages and tested it there. My current questions and next woking steps:

  • My translations are in part very specific to the Ripuarian Wikipedia and its setup, include local links, etc.
    • That is imho not suited for other projects, or requiers adaption if used elsewhere.
  • Few messages exist in Allmessages for which I do not have a clue where they're used, and what they probably mean
  • Is it a good idea to upload an incomplete (70-80%) translation to svn, as a start?
  • I suspect, only a generalized version of the messages, suitable for all projects, should be in svn. Is it so?
  • How to upload messagesKsh.php to svn?
  • How to upload messagesKsh.php here?
  • languageKsh.php needs to be uploaded into svn
  • languageKsh.php needs to be replaced on the server
  • How to test / verfy / debug languageKsh.php without putting production servers integritity at stake?
  • ISO 369-3 language code ksh is for Kölsch only.
    • Due to the lack of an ISO code for the whole ripuarian language group, ksh is currently Wikipedias language code for ripuarian, which includes Kölsch, but is much more than only Kölsch.
    • The ultimate Wiktionary project correctly uses ksh for Kölsch only.
  • Both Ripuarian and Kölsch lack an universally accepted spelling system. Existing ones build on either NL, or DE, or follow writing tradtions that existed prior to their separation.
    • As with Serbian, and other languages having multiple scripts, or many dialects, the necessity of having a small set of ripuarian language files in the future is becoming obvious.
      • (-: btw: If we had WiktionayZ already, filled with the necessary Ripuarian dialect translations, and varying spellings, etc., these lang files would beautifully lend themselves as samples for a semi-automated translation process :-)
    • how to name variants ?
    • how, if at all, should non-sysop users of the ksh Wikipedia be involved in their creation?

This is a somewhat incomplete and unordered list. Maybe you can give me some hints? -- Purodha 2. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 05.23 (EEST)

Login and Preferences

I think, these do not belong to "login and Preferences"

-- Purodha 20. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 00.26 (EEST)

How to include a reference to the adminpage?

In MediaWiki:Captchahelp-text/ksh, I wish. if possible, to have a link to the Admin page in the :project name space. Yet I don't know how it can be had, if not through a ref to the :MediaWiki name space. Is that wrong, then? Please help. Tx. -- Purodha 25. heinäkuuta 2006 kello 04.01 (EEST)

recent changes

On page there is the 1st line below the headline: "Tällä sivulla voi seurata tuoreita Betawikiin tehtyjä muutoksia.". I cannot find how to localize it. -- Purodha 08:23, 5 elokuu 2006 (EEST)

Message dealing with redirects

These Message deal with redirects or mention them. I think, it would be helpful to group them in a category.

--Purodha 5. elokuuta 2006 kello 19.35 (EEST)

request for additional localization message

FYI: -- Purodha 7. elokuuta 2006 kello 08.30 (EEST)

Hi Gangleri .. I,m sorry cause I havn't send you anymessage for long time .. I was busy with some work .. Today I invited some old arabic wikipedian to register here .. he is User:Gharbeia ... he wants to work only on tranlsating the system message of mediawiki to arabic so i found that it is the right place for that ... please if you could give him admin privilges to work on that here ..that wuld be great .. best regards --Chaos 15. lokakuuta 2006 kello 01.15 (EEST)


Hi Gangleri,

I really need your help.please guide me.

I want to create a patch of System Messages at

Cant some developer copy MessagesUr.php from mediawiki\languages\messages directory and create a patch?

It would be very hard for me if you ask me to copy System Messages manually from ur.wikipedia to here.

I hope you understand what I mean !! Wisesabre 29. joulukuuta 2006 kello 21.35 (EET)

moving a few pages

Do you mind if I move all the pages like Betawiki:LanguageIs.php_and_MessagesIs.php to Icelandic or simply Íslenska. Just to simplify things a bit around here. --Steinninn 19. elokuuta 2007 kello 20.37 (UTC)

Back from the dead?

Hi Reinhardt. Welcome back! Siebrand 18:13, 10 October 2007 (UTC)

Yes ;-) Thanks! · Best regards Gangleri · T · w:en: Th · T 08:57, 11 October 2007 (UTC)
?UNIQ289843ec67c329d3-nowiki-00000002-QINU? hey, liebe Gruesze, --Spacebirdy 12:52, 11 October 2007 (UTC)


Is it ok if I delete all these Prefix:Bugzilla sites? I'm trying to clean up unused sites so that this wiki will be easier to navigate. --Steinninn 15:19, 30 October 2007 (UTC)

Reminder: I need to answer on this issue! ... ·‎G - ג·T·m: Th·T·email me· 01:23, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

Thank you

Hello, sorry for delay in replying and thank you very much for giving me admin and bureaucrat rights. Now we have a scientific paper with an orthographical standard well stated and describer for our language, so we can start working. I am now browsing this site. Best regards, --Clamengh 15:12, 5 November 2007 (UTC)

quoting: I'll now go and give you admin rights. Salutammo :-) --SabineCretella 9. elokuuta 2006 kello 22.59 (EEST)...Well, Gangleri already did that :-) you are bureaucrat as well.--SabineCretella 9. elokuuta 2006 kello 23.01 (EEST)

Hope that all is fine! Good luck! Gangleri · T · w:en: Th · T 16:01, 6 November 2007 (UTC)

Response to e-mail request

Hi Gangleri, I have read your e-mail and I don't really know what it is that you want me to do except that I should correct Template:Projects/da in some way. I have no idea on how to do this and what to put in but I would happily help out. --Morten LJ 15:00, 27 February 2008 (UTC)


Hola Gangleri!, he visto que hay muchos administradores en BetaWiki, por lo que te preguntaba si podia ser uno de ellos, o saber para otro dia como poder serlo o donde pedir el permiso.--Bengoa (My user talk) 16:22, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

Sorry! Was absent for a long time ...
·‎G - ג·T·m: Th·T·email me· 09:56, 9 September 2009 (UTC)