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Hi and welcome to betawiki! — Nike 25. toukokuuta 2007 kello 21.00 (UTC)

What do you think we should do with "sysop" and "bureaucrat"? SPQRobin 26. toukokuuta 2007 kello 10.13 (UTC)

If we take ἄρχων for a sysop or bureaucrat, what would we take for the other user group? γέροντες, ἔφοροι, or something else? And, maybe is περὶ better. SPQRobin 26. toukokuuta 2007 kello 11.01 (UTC)

Ok, SPQRobin 26. toukokuuta 2007 kello 11.14 (UTC)
I have answered on my talk page, that's easier. SPQRobin 26. toukokuuta 2007 kello 11.59 (UTC)

Request to LeighvsOptimvsMaximvs

Greetings LeighvsOptimvsMaximvs!

I have left you a message here. I hope you can help me. -- 27. toukokuuta 2007 kello 10.33 (UTC)

500 most used Mediawiki messages

hello. we must effort to complete the translation of mediawiki messages, to ancient greek, specially of the 500 most used:

it is and important goal to succeed.

Language statitics

Hello, fellow Fikipedian.

I found this Betawiki page, i think you find it interesting. it is A. Greek statistics detailed group by group. it may help us in the translation:

Also, i think we must spend, at least, these last two weeks translating messages. If you realize most of messages are one-word or short phrase. I think them must be translated at the end of the year. We can invite User:Nychus, User:Neachili, and the others Betawiki Grc users to participate.