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Skr or Skr-arab

@Nemo bis: @MF-Warburg: @StevenJ81: We have complete the localization for Saraiki Wikipedia here[1] but another page for translation has been created by someone here [2] I point out that the language code skr is correct as per ISO code but the skr-arab is invalid as per SIL and ethnologue. the web address for Saraiki Wikipedia will be not please guide me in this regard. thanks --Rehmat Aziz Chitrali 05:26, 6 October 2018 (UTC)


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EU copyright campaign

Hello. Will not these groups be translated into most languages?They are available for only 24 languages!

ديفيد (talk)14:56, 6 September 2018

For now the Wikimedia Foundation has decided to only enable the 24 official languages of the EU and has even deployed a special language selector for so that people cannot easily choose any other language, see phab:T203297#4562881.

I hope to enable other languages soon, since I can't see any value in prohibiting other languages, but we'll see.

Nemo (talk)15:13, 6 September 2018

Hello.These messages are no longer translateable at all. What will happen?Thanks

ديفيد (talk)09:59, 13 September 2018

Hello. Please rename me to "Vanished user <id>". I don't want longer to be known as former wiki-projects member.

Marshmallych11:58, 11 September 2018
Change of username

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Is it possible to change my Username Patio to the one I use everywhere else: KlaasZ4usV ? Thanks in advance!


 Klaas `Z4␟` V: 
‎22 mei 2018 20:42

Done. Sorry for the delay.

    Bovenliggend bericht

Nemo (talk)
‎27 jun 2018 06:50

np; better late than never! ttyl; greetings & salutations from Osdorp (Amsterdam) Netherlands by Klaas

 Klaas `Z4␟` V06:52, 30 August 2018

My pleasure. You've already thanked me one month ago, by the way. :)

Nemo (talk)15:17, 6 September 2018
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Username changed

Ciao Nemo,

Thank you very much for changing my name from the old 'Patio' to the new KlaasZ4usV. AFAIK I'm called like this on all wikis (except Wikia, bc I never use it anymore)

 Klaas `Z4␟` V21:42, 4 July 2018

Hello, i recently changed my username from "Aftabuzzaman" to "আফতাবুজ্জামান". Is it possible to changed it here?

Aftabuzzaman (talk)20:24, 25 June 2018

Sure. Happy translating!

Nemo (talk)06:29, 27 June 2018

lrc collection extension translations reaching

Mogoeilor (talk)15:19, 26 April 2018

bqi translation rights

Dear Nemo bis
please give translation rights to user:beyronvan [1] for bqi inucubator.
best wishes.

Mogoeilor (talk)17:03, 20 January 2018

Unmerged Code-in task from 2015

Hi! I created this patch almost two years ago. Is there any reason for not being merged since then? (I rebased it yesterday without any problem, so I suppose it still makes sense.)

Tacsipacsi (talk)16:53, 20 December 2017

No reason, just a lack of +2'ers on that extension. You can add other reviewers, see for instance the list of the most active ones:

Nemo (talk)09:56, 29 December 2017

There are already 6 reviewers (plus jenkins-bot), including you. Can’t you +2 it? You are also present in the above list.

Tacsipacsi (talk)17:04, 29 December 2017

No, I don't have +2 rights.

Nemo (talk)21:05, 2 January 2018

I abandoned it. I don’t want to fight for this.

Tacsipacsi (talk)00:27, 3 January 2018

Need your help

Hi, I don't know what to do help me please I created the portal gcr but and after what to do, I just want create the Guianan Wikipedia, Please Help me !!!

LeGuyanaisPure (talk)15:24, 22 August 2017

Hi, Thread:Support/NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE !!! is tracked; no need for additional threads.

Nemo (talk)06:18, 8 September 2017

Can I translate rECLD/LocalNames/LocalNamesEn.php to LocalNamesZh_hans.php?

A thread, Thread:User talk:Nemo bis/Can I translate rECLD/LocalNames/LocalNamesEn.php to LocalNamesZh hans.php?, was moved from here to Translating talk:MediaWiki. This move was made by Nemo bis (talk | contribs) on 8 September 2017 at 06:16.


Pequod76 (talk)23:18, 17 June 2016
Pequod76 (talk)01:18, 24 June 2017

Ah ecco, mi pareva! Già l'altra volta avevo insistito parecchio. ;)

Nemo (talk)16:40, 24 June 2017

Renaming a username

Hello, I wonder if I could request username renaming here? If it is possible, please rename this account to "Rachmat04" to similize with my Wikimedia username and to omit my last name. Thank you in advance.

··· 👦 Rachmat.Wahidi · 💬04:27, 25 May 2017

Sure. Done.

Nemo (talk)07:16, 25 May 2017

Thanks for deletion

and sorry for my mistake in translation. :( I'm creating tool in localhost to translate .po file easily. this tool automatically save translation and also show vocabulary but this also save not translated strings. few files are automatically updated when I open these files in my tool. I uploaded last updated file here.

I checked your message today but I don't know how to revert in translation. I'll start translating all these messages soon.

Sfic (talk)04:53, 20 May 2017

Ok. Please try to translate the remaining messages imported at the same time, because Nuke didn't manage to delete everything, I think.

Please send us the next po file by email so that it can be tested before import. Have you tried tools like Lokalize or Poeditor to see if htey do what you need?

Nemo (talk)11:44, 20 May 2017

Fallback for atj

Could you change the fallback for Atikamekw to be French instead of English? Right now when Atikamekw translators select "Atikamekw" in the language bar in the top of the page (to the left of their username), the interface switch to English. Amqui (talk) 14:47, 15 March 2017 (UTC)

Amqui (talk)14:47, 15 March 2017

Yes, it should be feasible.

Nemo (talk)14:55, 15 March 2017

What do I need to do?

Amqui (talk)21:11, 16 March 2017

Fallback language for Breton

Hi Nemo, Did you actually changed the fallback language for Breton?

Fulup (talk)10:12, 23 February 2017

Magic words in falback language

The translation of REDIRECT in Occitan as REDIRECCION is causing problems in Catalan sites with recent Occitan fallback. It is inserted by a button in the edit toolbox but the Occitan form is not recognized as a magic word in Catalan sites. As there is no translation in Catalan the English form should be restored, but I do not find how to fix it.

Vriullop (talk)19:56, 18 February 2017

Hello, thanks for writing. Can't we just add a translation for "REDIRECT" in Catalan, so that it works in the wikitext? I think it's possible to make the editors continue using "REDIRECT", but I don't remember where that's controlled.

Nemo (talk)16:04, 19 February 2017

I remember there was somewhere a page for editing aliases for magic words and special pages, but I can not find it anymore. With API query I have found current aliases with a mix of English, Catalan and Occitan. Occitan aliases are really working, including #REDIRECCION althought yesterday it did not work when I checked it. Users will not use Occitan aliases but it is misleading when it is introduced by the code editor toolbar. Probably it can be solved per site configuration either removing the Occitan alias and using the English #REDIRECT or introducing the Catalan translation #REDIRECCIÓ, but may be other Occitan aliases are used by other tools or the Visual Editor.

In short, is there any option for editing translated aliases for magic words or should I fill a request at Phabricator case by case?

Vriullop (talk)18:11, 19 February 2017

See FAQ#Special:AdvancedTranslate. The most efficient way is that you submit a patch yourself, in the end it takes less time than explaining things to others on Phabricator. See mw:Gerrit/Tutorial or (even easier, in theory, especially on Windows) mw:Gerrit patch uploader.

Nemo (talk)18:20, 19 February 2017

page deletion request

Dear Nemo bis,

I hope you could delete these two redirects: User:Wmr89502270, User_talk:Wmr89502270.

Thank you!

Wmr (talk)00:16, 13 February 2017

I think it's a bad idea, but done.

Nemo (talk)08:50, 13 February 2017

Hello Nemo, I still have a question :)

In Kurdish language, we need to know if the last letter of a word is a consonant or vowel for the conjugate or to add a suffix. For example, here for conjugation, if the last letter is a consonant we must add "e" if it is a vowel we add "y". In our example we put the "y" in brackets to indicate that it depends on the last letter of the word.

It is the same thing when we add a suffix: Adding "y" if the last letter is a vowel but with a particularity for the vowel "î" (in the contact of "y" the "î" loses the circumflex accent, I also speak here)

On ku.wikipedia we use these two templates inside the other templates: [1] and [2]. Is there a way to do this? I saw this... Thanks

Ghybu (talk)00:55, 22 January 2017

Adding a translation to the CLDR

Hello Nemo,

I see that Wikimedia-specific language codes ("zh-min-nan", "roa-rup",...) have no translation in the interlanguage links, except from an English default translation ("Chinese (min nan)",...). The CLDR hasn't indeed any entry for these codes , since they are not Unicode consortium language codes.

That said, this is a pity that some language codes can't have any translation. Is there something we can do to allow localization also for these codes?

By advance thank you

Automatik (talk)00:54, 10 January 2017

Actually those language names are translated (as "nan" and "rup") in all CLDR languages, except their own because they're not CLDR language codes (yet). I have a patch in the works to pick up the translations which use a different code than MediaWiki's, but I guess you want to add the "autonym" i.e. the name of the language in the same language, right? The ideal way to do that is adding the locale to CLDR, you see at CLDR how.

Nemo (talk)09:00, 10 January 2017

Actually I just hope that we can have a translation in every language for the language name of "zh-min-nan" (cf. the interlanguage links' tooltips of : the second to last link is for "zh-min-nan", and the tooltip displays the English language name "Chinese (Min Nan)", instead of the French one.

I guess your patch will solve this issue, if I'm not mistaken.

Automatik (talk)20:28, 10 January 2017

Unfortunatelly, I doubt if CLDR can have time to handle all languages of the world, as Nikki said in phab:T151269: The CLDR officially rejected the addition of Kven (fkv) and Pite Sami (sje), and in an early request they also vetoed (?) the addition of Buryat (bxr) and Moldovan (mo).

So far, we should still encourage users to request addition on CLDR, but if they refused such codes, isn't it not bad to add such translations of codes to , , and something in ?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)01:22, 19 January 2017

We're not taking about all languages of the world, but about two specific languages which are relevant and were already accepted by CLDR. If they rejected them, sure, we should add them locally; but that didn't happen.

Nemo (talk)08:46, 19 January 2017
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