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sholem-aleykhem Rotemliss!‎

  1. w:he:special:Allmessages|uselang=he or|uselang=he · Template:Dir rtl/he
  2. w:yi:special:Allmessages|uselang=yi or|uselang=yi · Template:Dir rtl/yi
or implement additional functionality as plural, grammar etc. We also copied and pasted PHP output from projects in other languages in order to generate files for SVN.
  • Most of the pages at "" have various "uselang=foo" links so everybody can easely see how a page renders in another language or directional environment.
  • At the moment I am doing some documentation about the nature and usage of MediaWiki messages.
  • Please do not hesitate to test whatever you like and do not hesitate to ask if you see some inconsistencies or require some special features. Best regards Gangleri · 3. kesäkuuta 2006 kello 21.11 (EEST)

How to identify the messages that need to be updated in your MessagesXx.php?

int:About long/en

MediaWiki:About long/en