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(к сожалению, one = 1, 21, 31, 41...)
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{{PLURAL|one=%d день назад|few=%d дня назад|other=%d дней назад}}
{{PLURAL|one=вчера|%d дня назад|%d дней назад}}

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Information about message (contribute)
Subtitle for a "continue reading" card two or more days old. The first word should have an initial uppercase letter if appropriate for the language. Example: phab:F4695814. Use the %d parameter to insert the number of days passed since the content (an article) was last seen.
Message definition (Wikipedia Android Mobile)
{{PLURAL|one=yesterday|%d days ago}}
Translation{{PLURAL|one=вчера|%d дня назад|%d дней назад}}

%d дня назад