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This category is hidden by default at the bottom of its member pages in their list of categories, unless you have opted in your preferences to display such hidden categories.
This tracking category should ideally be empty, but it is used for tracking some errors or other conditions that may occur. It may be populated by templates, or for tracking some issues detected by internal MediaWiki features.
NotePlease do not delete this category even if it's empty, thank you.
Note that because of an existing very old bug of SemanticMediawiki (in how it manages its own internal "accelerated cache", separately from the Mediawiki parser cache, with which it is not correctly synchronized), some pages may be listed here. This bug causes {{#ask:}} to either not return nothing at all, or to just return an unparsed plain text version of the query itself (which is then unexpectedly parsed by MediaWiki as if it was valid wikitext), instead of returning the actual reply (preformatted in valid HTML that will pass correctly through the MediaWiki parser).
  • A workaround is to forcing a page refresh with the "UTC clock" gadget (sometimes a couple of times, with a few seconds of delay) ; note that a "null edit" (editing and saving the page without any change) has no effect on the cache.
  • A real fix requires a site admin to change the type of cache configured in SemanticMediaWiki for accessing page properties, i.e. to use "Memcached" (instead of the "accelerated cache" which is only suitable for the CLI interface with a single process, but not for use on the HTML user interface of the wiki on the web where SemanticMediawiki runs in processes running asynchronously, loosing its state at each asynchronous run without synchronizing with its own concurrent instances; for example the wiki will set a property, and will then attempt to read it, using separate concurrent runs and there's no way to coordinate the order of execution, so further propertie reads may still get the value from the database that was present, because the database was still not updated: each database client in the CLI uses its own separate cache for database access, when this cache should be shared for correct serialization of updates and retrievals).

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