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A canonocal title is aa title formatted in the same way you would see it on the top of the page (localized namespace name, first letters capitalized, spaces instead of underscores).

Note This message uses technical terminology. Do not translate it if you are unsure of the meaning this message has in context.

Note Do not translate Special:ApiHelp in this message.

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This is a MediaWiki Action API parameter value description for the value "canonicaltitle" of the "prop" parameter to the "query+imageinfo" module. See API:Main page at for general information.


  • $1 - Module parameter prefix, e.g. "bl"
  • $2 - Parameter name (without prefix), e.g. "title"
  • $3 - Module name, e.g. "backlinks"
  • $4 - Module path, e.g. "query+backlinks"
  • $5 - Parameter value

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