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Imageinfo returns information about file revisions (normally the last revision since iilimit defaults to 1). userid includes the ID of the user who made the (re)upload which created that revision. So there will be one user ID per imageinfo item; if you set the limit high enough, you will get all revisions of all files as separate imageinfo items.

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This is a MediaWiki Action API parameter value description for the value "userid" of the "prop" parameter to the "query+imageinfo" module. See API:Main page at for general information.


  • $1 - Module parameter prefix, e.g. "bl"
  • $2 - Parameter name (without prefix), e.g. "title"
  • $3 - Module name, e.g. "backlinks"
  • $4 - Module path, e.g. "query+backlinks"
  • $5 - Parameter value

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