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Hint text shown on the network info box on network pages (e.g. Special:FanHome?sport_id=1&team_id=1) below the team's logo; this box contains the team's logo (below which is the message Sportsteams-network-logo ("(Official Logo)")) and some statistics about the network, namely the total amount of fans the network has (Sportsteams-network-fans-col ("Fans:")) and how many of your friends are fans of the network (Sportsteams-network-friends-col ("Friends: $1")) as well as a Call To Action to join the network (Sportsteams-network-join-network ("Join This Network")) or a statement to inform you that you already belong to the network (Sportsteams-network-you-are-fan ("You are a fan")) and a link for leaving the network (Sportsteams-network-leave-network ("Leave This Network"))