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Hallo Xxglenxx, mir geht's gut. :) Actually this template does not get translated here. You may create the Welsh language version on cywiki yourself. Afterwards you have to get it preloaded into the edit box on Special:Upload somehow. However, I do not know how to achieve this. Probably you have to open a bug on bugzilla, but do not quote me on this one if it turns out to be the wrong approach. Cheers

[[kgh]]21:31, 15 May 2011

Hi kgh, thanks for your message :) We have that template here, but for some reason it's not linked to the German version (here}). Yes, it's how to get it preloaded I'm looking for (I think :D). I've recently used Bugzilla so know how it works. I'll hang around for a while to see if anyone else has any answers, then see if Bugzilla can help. Vielen dank!

Xxglennxx23:29, 15 May 2011