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If I remember rightly, this change was from when I changed the passwordreset dialogue so it could, in principle, take the user's email address as well as, or instead of, their username. So whereas before the message said something like "enter your username below" and there was one field below which takes the username, now this text displays above one or more fields, at least one of which needs to be completed, and the message does not know which routes are available, so it needs to refer to some vague noun rather than specifically "username".

Happy-melon (talk)23:14, 25 July 2012

Thank you. I understand that English doesn't have a proper singular for "data" or "information", but isn't this maybe unclear even in English? I'm not a native speaker so I can't say. Still not ideal due to mw:Localisation#Avoid references to screen layout and positions, I guess, but can be considered closed (documentation expanded).

Nemo (talk)23:29, 25 July 2012