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This option seems to have disappeared or been obsoleted since version 4878 of JOSM, as it just duplicates the function of Copy and Paste (Ctrl+C Ctrl+V, or Ctrl+Insert Shift+Insert).

The keyboard shortcut P is now assigned to the more useful "Split way" menu item (whose previous shortcut X has changed).

In translations submitted, the keyboard shortcuts should not be part of the messages as they will change according to user settings or because of conflicts between plugins, and most often not according to the UI language.

23:08, 1 March 2012

Potlatch 2 and JOSM have nothing to do with each other, as far as I know.

23:24, 1 March 2012

Is that a translation for OSM (the database itself) or for Potlatch 2 ? This was not clear here... If this is for Potlatch, then the group of messages specific to Potlatch, and not for the rest of the OSM website should be correctly separated, and most users won't go with Potlatch for now, and prefer JOSM; creating a parallel way in Potlatch, and editing the complex geometry of ways with Potlatch is a nightmare, that creates too many spurious data in the database. In my opinion most functions of Potlatch should be deprecated for everything except adding single POIs, or adding attributes on existing objects ; or it should require MUCH more development work to be really usable and trustable.

23:59, 1 March 2012

They are correctly separated. Don't overcomplicate things. Sometimes they're just easy.

00:23, 2 March 2012