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About User "namespaces" on minwiki >> Pangguno

I've already translated it on 1 February. When it will be deployed on minwiki? Kind regards.

 Ę-oиė   >>> 10:46, 12 April 2013
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Namespaces are updated very rarely. Mostly only one per two months or so. It's probably going to happen soon.

Siebrand12:03, 12 April 2013

Oh, I see. Thanks for your information. Anyway, can you tell me where I can find namespace for "Module" (Lua-Scribunto)? I want to translate it to "Modul" for "id" and "min".

 Ę-oиė   >>> 20:22, 12 April 2013

Those are in https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/58101/1/Scribunto.namespaces.php and will become available on Wikimedia wikis in 1.22wmf2.

Siebrand20:34, 12 April 2013

Wow.. so fast! Thanks a lot, Sir.

 Ę-oиė   >>> 20:41, 12 April 2013

You're welcome.

Siebrand08:18, 14 April 2013

So, when the namespace will be changed?

SpartacksCompatriot (talk)12:39, 15 April 2013

Please have a look 4 replies up.

Siebrand15:07, 15 April 2013

Now is May and Minang Wikipedia has changed into 1.22wmf2. When it will be changed?

SpartacksCompatriot (talk)15:49, 9 May 2013