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In that case, I'll add the corrections to the additional comments you left in your first reply here so the site admins have a better understanding of the language, I only sent them to you because I thought you were an administrator, sorry about that.

"A.) Yola is not a celtic language, it's a Germanic language that is an offshoot of Early Middle English, with some Irish vocabulary influence (around 40% of words)

B.) There are no recent developments in the language that borrow from Scots, I only listed Scots alongside English because it is another member of the Anglic Family, as it also split from Middle English, meaning that they would both be sister languages in the linguistic sense.

C.) The language is incredibly well attested in writing so there is no need for borrowing from other languages, reconstruction, or otherwise, and the English Wikipedia isn't representative of all the historical documentation of Yola, those are highlighted examples.

D.) There were no other active users in 1998 when Jack Devereux unfortunately passed away, only in the sense that Jack Devereux was known as an avid speaker of the language, even after his death Yola continued to see extensive liturgical use among the Kilmore Choir, the Yola farmstead, and in other local events and song reciting.

E.) The Norman Invasion time-period doesn't constituite the majority of the Corpus of Yola literature, most Yola literature is from the range of the late 18th century to the end of the 19th century.

F.) And lastly I only repeat the mention that the Yola revival did not start last year with a single person, the Yola revival has been an ongoing process since the founding of the Yola farmstead in the early 1990's, they hosted Yola classes, and delivered speeches in the language etc. Sorry for the bombarding of writing, I have no absolutely no grievances with you and merely want to clear up any misconceptions on the Yola language. I do hope you understand my good intentions, and I wish you all the best."

Heal, griue, an ken apan ye -MMelvin23 (talk)21:42, 27 January 2022