Bad/machine/wrong translations

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Bad/machine/wrong translations

User:BaRaN6161 TURK had been doing bad or totally wrong or machine translations for a few months, and he had been doing them A LOT! We warned him a few time (in the Turkish Wikipedia too) but even his responses are machine translations! We need to stop him immediately, unless, he's causing so many problems for the Turkish translations. Not only creating new ones, but also changing the correct translations with unproper versions.

Rapsar (talk)08:19, 26 July 2020

Sigh, how are we supposed to see such problems if they're discussed elsewhere? Thread:User talk:BaRaN6161 TURK/Translator permission revoked

Nemo (talk)08:32, 26 July 2020

thanks god, someone finally stopped him. have a nice day, Nemo :)

evrifaessa ❯❯❯ mesaj16:00, 26 July 2020