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Not this alone :-( I looked through the file and see some hundred "translations" into English. Any chance for an automated comparison and deletion process?

Raymond15:21, 25 October 2020

So I really quickly hacked a script together:

var notTranslations = {};
Object.keys( maybeTranslations ).forEach(
    function ( key ) {
        if ( maybeTranslations[ key ] === englishVersions[ key ] ) {
            notTranslations[ key ] = maybeTranslations[ key ];

and then retrieved the list of messages in notTranslations. I got a list of 520 different messages that exactly matched the English version - I couldn't find a way to collapse the list if I were to paste it here, so I dumped it on my sandbox on metawiki - format is message name and then the text - see

DannyS712 (talk)08:07, 9 November 2020

@Raymond: have you had a chance to review the list above?

DannyS712 (talk)08:42, 14 December 2020

Hi DannyS712, to be honest: I saw your list, thanks a lot, and closed it again due to the mass... I had no time to manually remove/delete all of them in November. I will think about a faster solution.

Raymond13:42, 24 December 2020

I wrote a script to do this. I ran it for mediawiki aggregate group for now:

php scripts/deleteEqualTranslations.php --group=mediawiki --language=hif-latn --comment="Cleaning up translations which are equal to the definition"
Found 678 message(s) created by these users:
   268 | Smcnarayan
   160 | Girmitya
   152 | Thakurji
    69 | Abdul Kadir
     9 | Brijlal
     6 | Raymond
     4 | AndySingh
     3 | Siebrand
     3 | FuzzyBot
     1 | Soul Train
     1 | JinJian
     1 | C.R.
     1 | Vito Genovese

Will check some other message groups later.

Nike (talk)09:43, 30 December 2020

Done. I think this is now resolved sufficiently well.

Nike (talk)13:45, 4 January 2021