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Hi! İ tried to edit the Babel template for Serbian-1 in order to improve the translation, İ made the change in sr-ec and sr-el pages, but if the page MediaWiki:Babel-1/sr isn’t also changed, the text on the template when İ add Serbian to the template remains unchanged. For example, on my userpage, the old text is still there. İ can’t edit that page since iťs locked. İf İ only change the sr-ec version as indicated, the Babel template for Serbian remains unchanged. Could you do something about it, please? Thanks in advance!

Josep Maria Roca Peña (talk)10:42, 2 October 2018

It doesn't need updating. It doesn't even exist:

Nike (talk)12:46, 6 October 2018

Then, why on my userpage and in other inclusions of this template on Wikipedia still appears the old text (Овај корисник разуме српски / srpski језик на основном нивоу.)? Can you tell me where should İ also update the template in order to see the changes done?

Josep Maria Roca Peña (talk)14:00, 6 October 2018

The issue has been resolved, in Translatewiki has been updated (the text of this page is the updated version). For the other wikis that use this template, Nike told me that iťs is necessary to wait for it to be updated. Also, İ made a little change in sr-ec and sr-el, please use this new version when you update the template.

Josep Maria Roca Peña (talk)20:00, 11 October 2018