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The message Livetranslate-translate-to ("Translate this page to") lacks a placeholder for the target language of the translation. It is not really feasible to make a phrase to which a language name could be appended giving a valid sentence.

Even worse. This is mainly for your information. Feel free to move or reuse it elsewhere, and to add info on your languages use of language denominators to as to make the picture more complete. I submitted similar info to them when making contributions to the CLDR. The message uses a preposition "to" in front of a language name. In Colognian, we have to use different prepositions depending on the language name, and how it is used in a phrase. For most languages, we have a choice of several ways to express their names, but there is no single consistent way for all languages. Each way has its own set of prepositions and also w:grammatical articles, which are sometimes mandatory, sometimes optional, sometimes disallowed. Grammar is different when writing about a language, versus referring to an existing translation, versus referring to a translation that has yet to be made. This includes the allowed choices of expressing the language name in some instances - for example, you cannot compile a list of language names and use it in menues selecing an interface language, and menues selecting a language to translate to. You have to have two slightly differing lists. This becomes really worse, when you have to include geographical designators, such as Canadian French, or scripts, such as Serbian in the Cyrillic script.

Purodha Blissenbach12:39, 21 January 2011

Please make the developer aware of this. It is from mw:Extension:LiveTranslate.

Siebrand13:29, 21 January 2011