Messages that support GENDER in MediaWiki

Messages that support GENDER in MediaWiki

The Arabic translation doesn't use GENDER at all, although it's very important because almost every message is different based on the gender. Is there someway to have a list of messages that support GENDER in MediaWiki so I can include GENDER in the Arabic translation?

OsamaK11:04, 21 November 2009

I thought GENDER is supported by default, but according to GerardM post it isn't?

So yeah, first, it needs to be enabled, second I need a list to start working. Thanks.

OsamaK13:48, 21 November 2009

Gender is enabled, but only for the "current user". If you want to use GENDER for a referenced user, this is not possible without using a parameter. GerardM may not have been clear on that. For more, see Gender.

Siebrand14:27, 21 November 2009

Yeah, I know about this problem, but it isn't restricted to Arabic only. If a messages doesn't support GENDER, it doesn't support it for all languages (in this case, if necessarily, I'll need to add a note here in Support page).

OsamaK14:49, 21 November 2009

Let's stick to actual use cases. Please report whenever you think GENDER should work in a particular use case but does not. Please describe it a clearly as possible. Thanks.

Siebrand14:50, 21 November 2009

OK, I will. So, here, I need a list of all messages that support GENDER so I can start. It won't help me and the Arabic translation only, but all teams that want to use GENDER. Is that possible?

OsamaK14:59, 21 November 2009
Siebrand15:01, 21 November 2009

Great, this was helpful. I noticed that only very few messages support GENDER (according to the docs). In Arabic, any message that contains "user"/"contributor", for example, needs to have GENDER support where possible. Should I report any message here?

OsamaK20:50, 21 November 2009

Use the gender in your message, and test if it works or not. If it works, document it. If it doesn't work, report it. Thanks.

Siebrand20:52, 21 November 2009