Non-"empty" translations of [[MediaWiki:Edittools]]

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Non-"empty" translations of MediaWiki:Edittools

As per the documentation, MediaWiki:Edittools is supposed to be empty except for an HTML comment explaining how wikis can choose to use that feature. TWN has chosen to use this feature, as have many other wikis, but it appears that some translators have translated (sic; it's not like the message itself has much translatable content) TWN's local Edittools and these translations have been sent back to the MediaWiki core repository.

Such "translations"/impacted languages include:

Additionally, though not related to this particular issue, MediaWiki:Edittools/bcc seems to contain pointless <strong> tags inside the HTML comment.

Jack Phoenix (Contact)08:12, 29 December 2020

Fixed by reverting customizations or deleting.

Nike (talk)09:11, 29 December 2020