PSA: Space as the first thing in PLURAL output does not work

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The Italian and Neapolitan translations for MediaWiki:Notification-header-foreign-message and MediaWiki:Notification-header-foreign-alert were trying to do something like "from $3{{PLURAL:$4| and one other wiki| and $4 other wikis|0=}}", presumably trying to avoid the extra space at the end in the case where $4 is zero. This is unnecessary, and it actually breaks: when testing in Italian I saw "Altri messaggi da Wikipedia in araboe un altro wiki", which should have been "Altri messaggi da Wikipedia in arabo e un altro wiki". The space at the beginning of the PLURAL cases appears to get swallowed. I was surprised by that too.

So don't use this trick (in notification messages or anywhere else), because it doesn't work :) . Pinging User:Beta16 and User:C.R. who wrote these translations.

Catrope (talk)03:32, 27 February 2016

This will do: "from $3{{PLURAL:$4| and one other wiki| and $4 other wikis|0=}}",

Purodha Blissenbach (talk)15:54, 6 March 2016