Problem saving translation

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Problem saving translation

This concerns an issue saving a Dutch translation for the following message:
{{PLURAL|zero=No reports|one=1 report|%{count} reports}}
{{PLURAL|zero=Geen rapporten|%{count} rapporten}}

Editor -this should be the most recent text according to the History page-:
{{PLURAL | zero = Geen rapporten | één = 1 rapport |%{count} rapporten}}

My attempt which did not get saved and would not return an error message when published -only an empty page-:
{{PLURAL|zero=Geen rapporten|one=1 rapport|%{count} rapporten}}

There is also an issue previewing a topic on this Support page; it sends you to a different page and as such returns "this topic does not exist". This does not happen with previewing translation edits in the wiki editor.

Danieldegroot2 (talk)16:04, 11 May 2021