Problematic edits of Verdy_p (again)

Fragment of a discussion from Support
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Please keep you answer short and it also wouldn't hurt to know what you are talking about (a simple look at the history shows the message exist since 2013 and the term here is used by Flow - now known as Structured Discussions - but not from Flow, it is older and used in other older messages).

Your first edit was indeed not an edit war and could be seen as a simple honest good-faith mistake, the following reverts are clearly an unconstructive edit war. Other people shouldn't have to start the discusion, you are responsible for your edits ; when reverted, the usual and correct wiki way is to start a discussion, not to revert (as you have been told multiple times already).

For the MediaWiki:Flow-moderation-confirm-hide-post/qqq, did you really read it yourself? by putting the same translation "Masquer" on two different message use in the same context,  MediaWiki:Flow-moderation-confirm-hide-post/fr and  MediaWiki:Flow-moderation-confirm-suppress-post/fr, you obviously less the interface less clear.

VIGNERON (talk)13:14, 22 April 2021