Request for comment on feasability of translating OSMTracker for Android

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We ended up with Transifex, which might look cooler but certainly is an inferior tool for the translator I can say now after having used for some hours.

Guttorm Flatabø (talk)22:53, 17 August 2012

Thank you for your feedback and update. This is both saddening and interesting: it would be wonderful if you could elaborate on why Transifex looks (or might look) cooler although it isn't and most importantly on why it's an inferior tool and how we can highlight this. Thanks,

Nemo (talk)23:39, 17 August 2012

I decided to add support for that format anyway, since it's nice selling point. It can be improved further by exporting author names and pretty-formatting the XML.

Nike (talk)10:50, 19 August 2012

Just have time for a very short reply: Transifex has a cleaner and slicker interface. It is inferior because it is harder to share translation memory, because of the community here at Translatewiki and the contests, because it is easier to use translations from other languages here, and it is easier to switch among, and edit several languages at a time.

Guttorm Flatabø (talk)08:58, 20 August 2012

Thanks. You just made my day. We're working hard on getting the UI/UX further improved. We should have results before the calender year is over.

Siebrand09:23, 20 August 2012

Another great advantage of Translatewiki is that you support all languages that there are translators for (right?), on Transifex they have to implement support in the software before one can translate to that language, and many of the languages supported here aren't listed there. They also treat national varieties ("nn-NO") as proper languages which makes for a proper mess.

Guttorm Flatabø (talk)12:33, 20 August 2012