S’gaw Karen language name misspelling ([[Portal:ksw]])

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The S’gaw Karen people use the abbreviation vocabulary of the (စှီၤ) for their ethnic group. In fact, the use of (စှီၤ) should not be used as it has no substance in literary writing, the complete script for the S’gaw Karen language name should be (ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်), this (ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်) vocabulary is 100% compatible with S'gaw Karen language vocabulary in English.

Here's how to use (ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်=က+ည+ီ+စ+ှ+ီ+ၤ+က+ျ+ိ+ာ+်)

S’gaw Karen language name misspelling.jpg

See Writing in this photo of mine, thanks.

It was fixed, then incorrectly deleted (with a false reason) by someone else minutes after my message (so it was showing English after that).

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