Why are translations in the Gothic wiki not correctly imported?

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Local messages such as w:got:MediaWiki:Recentchanges need to be deleted, for the MediaWiki translations to take effect.

12:06, 1 October 2016

@Krenair: Isn't this tracked at phab:T45917? Or why don't you use script on gotwiki?

23:12, 1 October 2016

Irrelevant, the script is used for identical messages. Local sysops need to delete the non-identical messages where appropriate (after copying the translation here if it's better for all MediaWiki wikis).

08:27, 2 October 2016

My adminship recently expired so I 'll unfortunately have to wait some time to do this... And we have 0 admins currently.

15:16, 2 October 2016

Where can I find a page with all our local MediaWiki messags to delete?

15:19, 2 October 2016
15:22, 2 October 2016

Can someone delete ALL in Special:AllMessages, I can't because I 'm not an administrator anymore. It is all translated in translatewiki, but because of the local MediaWiki messages interfering, the changes don't show up.

02:29, 30 September 2017

There is a script for messages which are the same as the original (phabricator:T45917) but if you want to delete all local messages then you should ask at m:SRM.

07:59, 30 September 2017

Pressing the delete button is the smallest part of the job. If you make a list of messages to delete, people at m:SRM will gladly delete pages for you.

15:20, 2 October 2016