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This message cannot be correct in French: the adjective must be "actives" after "campagnes" (feminine), but "actifs" after "cours" (masculine).

The English source incorrectly assumes that adjectives are invariant. And the grammatical gender of nouns (like the replaced curse type) is variable depending on each language, do not assume they are simple to predict as this also depends on the choice of translated termes (ex. if instead of "cours", which is masculine with invariant number, we chose the synonym "leçon" or "leçons" in plural, which would then be feminine.

Note that even the plural, marked by the final "s" in adjectives "actifs" or "actives", may become singular depending on the number of campaigns or curses displayed. But as well don't assume that plurals are always fomed using a final "s". If needed pass a number parameter to allow us to use. As there's no number parameter, the unknown number is assumed to be plural (for most frequent cases except initially for a very new program or campaign which is still incomplete if it's limited to only one short course of about half an hour to complete or a single wiki page to read or review).

Please split this message in two versions, one per type, don't use such patchwork. And its not simple to find another way to translate a <adjective+noun> phrase (note also that the order is swapped to <noun+adjective> in French and other languages).

Verdy p (talk)22:24, 20 October 2019