[MediaWiki:Apihelp-bs-recentchanges-store-summary] separate 'recentchanges' in the original english text

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In MediaWiki:Apihelp-bs-recentchanges-store-summary/fr

Lists all recentchanges. Allows sorting, filtering and pagination. Implements store parameters.

"Lists all recentchanges." should become "Lists all recent changes."

Christian (talk)06:31, 4 July 2018

Submitted change on Gerrit, waiting for it to be merged.

Jon Harald Søby (talk)22:05, 7 August 2018

Thanks for correction.

ChristianW (talk)07:33, 8 August 2018

Change was merged, will appear here very soon.

Jon Harald Søby (talk)07:54, 8 August 2018