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Thanks! I have a one important question - main question of domain name: "It's possible to change the domain of '' to '' "? The one character 'a' can make this site more a memory and a whole.

It's not only my idea, same suggestions have made by others.

I'll do check up by correctness of translations.

Agilight (talk)10:16, 30 November 2012

Thanks on the spelling correction! Wow, I knew something was wrong about it. I use latin y for ы often so sometimes I don't see the problem. These things always takes a second pair of eyes.

About tyva.wikipedia, you should ask the admins on Incubator about it.

Sborsody (talk)21:46, 30 November 2012

Would you refer me to Admins' page? I'll try to take up this.

Agilight (talk)05:25, 1 December 2012