Narom language (langcode nrm)

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Narom language (langcode nrm)

Hi, Amir. See m:Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Narom.

As I'm sure you know, the problem with this is that Norman(d) occupied this LangCode (nrm), both here and on regular WMF projects, before ISO 639–3 was established. The proper LangCode for that language is nrf. But an awful lot of the translations here still use /nrm subpages. I'm pretty skeptical of the request for new languages; I think people are playing with "anti-imperialist politics" more than they have a real interest in this project. Still, in theory the language and project are eligible. Maybe we would be better off simply assigning a code to Narom for now, until/unless we can get the nrm/nrf issue untangled. But we should use the same code here and on Incubator if we do that.

Are you amenable to that? If so, let me propose qnr. It's in the "reserved for local use" section, and captures the beginning of Narom's LangCode. Please let me know.

StevenJ81 (talk)14:56, 11 December 2018

I'll totally support any necessary technical workaround when I see proof that someone who speaks this language actually wants to write here. Before that I'm not going to bother about it (beyond the patch that I already made).

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)08:42, 12 December 2018