Javanese spelling

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Javanese spelling

Hi, I find Javanese spelling problem in Javanese Wikipedia Notification interface. It should be written Dhésèmber (Javanese), not Desember (Indonesian). I'm going to correct it but cannot locate where the respective message in this site. Could you please help me finding it? I also find that the other months also have wrong spelling. Thank you in advance.

Here is the screenshot

Javanese spelling problem - Desember.PNG
NoiX180 (talk)02:11, 13 December 2017

Have you tried using Special:SearchTranslations?

Nemo (talk)14:38, 13 December 2017

Yes. I've tried searching the Indonesian & Javanese messages in MediaWiki for words Desemeber and Dhésèmber respectively. All Indonesian and Javanese messages are in correct spelling, but the above mentioned interface is still wrong. By wrong I mean the spelling is in Indonesian, but the interface is meant for Javanese.

NoiX180 (talk)00:17, 14 December 2017
Liuxinyu970226 (talk)14:39, 27 January 2018

Thank you! I'll try it.

NoiX180 (talk)09:14, 29 January 2018