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This is a test page for checking the placement of the Hebrew diacritics Meteg and Patakh. The Meteg is the little vertical line and the Patakh is a little horizontal line. Both are placed under the first letter from the right. Their logical ordering is supposed to reflect their visual placement: If Meteg comes first, then it's supposed to be placed to the right of the Patakh, and vice versa.

Meteg first: הַֽבְרָכָה

Patakh first: הַֽבְרָכָה


This demonstrates that incorrect normalization of Dagesh may affect the display of a letter which has a Dagesh, a vowel and an accent:

Nun + Dagesh + Kamatz + Meteg: אָֽנָּֽה

(broken on XP and GNU/Linux, good on Windows 7)

Nun + Dagesh template + Kamatz + Meteg: אָֽנָּֽה

(good on XP, GNU/Linux and Windows 7)


This is a similar problem with Shin and Sin dots.

Shin + Shin dot + Kamatz + Ethnahta: מָשָׁ֑ל

(broken on XP and GNU/Linux, good on Windows 7)

Shin with Shin dot template + Kamatz + Ethnahta: מָשָׁ֑ל

(good on XP, GNU/Linux and Windows 7)