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I created this as many Nahuatl words have to be created or assimilated in order to give a near exact Nahuatl meaning. Please note all translations are taken from Spanish messages and may contain metaphoric concepts.


  • Aulex Online Spanish-Nahuatl Dictionary
  • English Wiktionary
  • Nahuatl Dictionary by Francis Kartunnen
  • Llave del Náhuatl by Ángel María Garibay

Useful Nahuatl nouns

English concept Nahuatl use Nahuatl derivation Literal meaning
author(s) tlachīhualōni tla-, chīhu(a), -lōni the one who makes
change(s) tlapatlaliztli tla-, patla, liz-tli change-tion
content(s) tlapiyaliztli tla-, piy(a), liz-tli keep-tion
error ahcuallōtl ah-, cual-li, -yōtl not-good-ness
link(s) tzonhuiliztli tzonhuili(a), liz-tli link-tion
new yancuīc yancuīy(a), -c new-ed
policy nahuatīltōntli nahuatīl-tli, tōn-tli law-small
recent yancuīc yancuīy(a), -c new-ed
synonym(s) neneuhtlahtōl neneuh-qui, tlahtōl-tli same-word
translation(s) tlahtōlcuepaliztli tlahtōl-tli, cuep(a), liz-tli word-change-tion

Useful Nahuatl verbs

English action Nahuatl infinitive Nahuatl use Literal meaning
browse tēmoa titlatēmōz you-something-search-will
edit patla ticpatlāz you-it-change-will
search tēmoa titlatēmōz you-something-search-will
see (i)tta tiquittāz you-it-see-will
underline pāntlania ticpāntlania you-it-line-below-will
use tequitiltia tictequitiltīz you-it-use-will