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Hi, my name is Giacomo DiBenedetto, and I'm an American-born Italian. Though I don't speak Sandard Italian real well, I can speak a dialect of Neapolitan, of which I had wanted to create a Wikipedia in it, but it will be hard for other speakers of the dialect, which are mostly elderly, to understand the orthography I created for it and to understand the computer. I do have other family my age who can speak it too, but I will have to really discuss that with them.

I am currently teaching myself Polish so that way I can talk to some of my Grandmother's Polish friends, who don't really speak good English.

I am also trying to create a Wikisource in a Cyrillic form of Polish, so that way I can simplisize the language and so it can be easier to comprehend for other peoples who speak a language using the Cyrillic alphabet. I may also create a Cyrillic form of Czech once I have all this stuff settled out with the Polish.

Whatever suggestions you have, feel free to e-mail me or post it on my discussion page.