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This page contains some info what I am actually doing and not, just to empty my head. Suggestion are welcome.

The past and ongoing

  • 2009-03-15: At parents, visited grandparents
  • 2009-03-14: At parents
  • 2009-03-13: Went to the parents
  • 2009-03-12: Chat with IAlex about using his new parser, Tamil in Anki, payed a bill, called the insurance company (they will send the details), cleaned Inbox, some Telly
  • 2009-03-11: Some Civ4, meeting with the candidate group, wrote about a page for the C-paper, back home, a walk outside with some excercise, Sauna, Tamil in Anki + telly
  • 2009-03-10: Course assignments (CLT234) due deadline being tomorrow, Updated Finnish translation for Anki, peeked over vep, exported FreeCol, started writing the C-paper, some Civ4 while watching the telly

The future and and ascension aka todo

Where my time goes atm:

  • Tamil course (10h+ week)
  • Do some exercise (2h week←way too little)
  • Other courses (1-10h week)
  • Email, blogs, keeping up to date (10h+ week)
  • Candidate paper (as much as it needs, it is driving me nuts)
  • Betawiki, export FreeCol, check recent changes and comment little on support (4h(?) week)
Task Prio Size Comments
Candidate paper H Big Decided a topic, started writing
Fix <trans late> H Small Already started, but changes were lost with the laptop.
Finish the project plan M Small Need finishin touch
Send some photos to GerardM L Small Extracted from phone to laptop
Review the patch for FreeCol M Med Needs fuzzy list and then commit...

When Duke Nukem 3D is there

We have:

  • Toolserver integration
  • Fixed MediaWikis message handling :O