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  • please insert commons: to the interwiki table
  • pages generatig php-errors:
  1. Special:Preferences
  2. Template:Wikivar
  3. Sandbox

Project:Php errors/Php error 102 Project:Php errors/Php error 104 Project:Php errors/Php error 105 Project:Php errors/Php error 107 Project:Php errors/Php error 108 Project:Php errors/Php error 109 Project:Diffs at Betawiki/Diff at Betawiki 102 Project:Diffs at Betawiki/Diff at Betawiki 103

  1. Project:FAQ#Q 04
  2. Project:FAQ#Q 05
  3. Project:Categories/counters

  1. please install patch available at bugzilla:2094
  2. please activate "subpages at all namespaces"; see: bugzilla:2155#c2 – "commnet_text_2"
  3. see: Image:Rcid discrepancy in MediaWiki namespace 01.jpg
  4. please delete the "pseudo hidden" page "/code/moved".
    1. see: Special:Log; I can not find it because I do not know "rcid"
  5. if you like you can add some images at Template:InterWiki table <!--- see comments there --->
  6. the "edit" pages should use another color then "view", "purge" probably not

patching file Parser.php Hunk #1 succeeded at 2147 (offset 6 lines).

Notice: Undefined variable: difftext in /services/www/mediawiki15c/includes/EditPage.php on line 768