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Hi, I am a Polish Wikipedian knowing (actively or passively) several languages:

  • actively:
pl, en, fr, de, eo, ru, nl, no;
  • rather pasively than actively:
zh, sa, la, it, es, sv, da, nn, af, be, uk, cs, sk, ...;
  • passively:
po, ro, sl, hr, sr, bg, mk, hu, gr, ...;
  • quite a few sentences (more than just nothing but less than needed to call it somehing):
ja, vi, kr, tlh, bo...

For the moment I have no time to make my Babel-tower.

For my Polish Wikipedia site, see noychoH - please, until I remove this announcement, leave all your comments there, at my Polish page of discusssion, tag: Dyskusja, only mentioning that you mean the "Translatewiki" project.