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The secret flow behind

Wiki Loves Monuments

Eus pelec'h e teu an holl vonumantoù :

National and regional heritage institutions provide official data

Sometimes it‘s a bit more difficult to get the data

Busy Wikipedians create monuments lists in Wikipedia

Each monument needs a unique identifier

The Wikipedia lists are built with template structures.

This allows easy Wiki-editing, and we can import them into our laaaarge monuments database with all monuments available. One set of lists (e.g. one country) is #configured by a tech-savvy person once.

„But the days grow short when you reach September!“

165 000

images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons* 18 countries. * in September 2011

5 000 perzhiad.

Kantadoù a dud a-youl-vat

How do all these images find their lists?

Contest participants provide the identifier when uploading.

Monument ID

entry erfgoedbot!

erfgoed is Dutch for “heritage“, and a bot is a little program that automates dumb or boring work for us. erfgoedbot runs at night and harvests the lists at Wikipedia and all the uploaded images with identifiers and updates the laaarge database with this information. Based on this, erfgoedbot puts them in the correct categories at Wikimedia Commons. Finally, it provides Wikipedia with information which monument images are unused so the lists can be completed. And all that while we are sleeping …

The database connects the images on Commons with the monuments lists in Wikipedia via the monuments ID

Ha skeudennoù dizimplij eus ur monumant bennak zo ?

Do we have geo-coordinates?

Pe vonumant zo skeudennaouet c'hoazh ?

But that‘s not all … we can built a lot of fancy tools!

Search monuments by country, keyword, municipality and more

Show helpful statistics for the photo contest

Diskouez ar monumantoù war ur gartenn

… or walk outside and find monuments with your smartphone

A-benn ar fin...

… we are able to deliver the updated and illustrated monuments lists back to our heritage institution partners free to use.

Let the free knowledge flow!